"Sleep Walker in 3D" Premieres in Tokyo

2011-10-24 12:14:28        Chinese Films

From Left to Right: Director Oxide Pang Chun, Lead Actors Angelica Lee, Huo Siyan, Charlie Yeung and Li Zonghan [Photo: mtime.com]

The thriller, "Sleep Walker in 3D", a nominee to the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival," held its global premiere in Tokyo on October 23, mtime.com reports.

Director Oxide Pang Chun, accompanied by lead actors Angelica Lee, Huo Siyan, Charlie Yeung and Li Zonghan appeared at the event.

As a renowned horror film director, Oxide Pang Chun has produced multiple pieces of famous works related to ghosts. However, he says this film does not feature ghosts, but rather tells a tale of solving a murderer by inference.

"In the film, the character played by Angelica Lee always has the same dream, and this is the actual story of me," Oxide Pang Chun revealed at the premiere. He went on to say, "The dream has been repeating for more than ten years; I always see a corpse inside a bag in an enclosed space."

The film has been well received by the Japanese audience, and after the screening, they even vigorously participated in the question and answer session.

The film is slated to be screened nationwide on October 27.

By Zhang Ting

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