"Mr. Tree" Holds Media Reception

2011-10-24 12:03:58        Chinese Films


Director Han Jie and lead actress Tan Zhuo appeared at the event. [Photo: mtime.com]

Yesterday, the black comedy film, "Mr. Tree" was screened by the media, followed by the media reception held at Beijing Broadway Cinematheque. Director Han Jie and lead actress Tan Zhuo made their appearance at the event, mtime.com reports.

Directed by Han Jie with famous director Jia Zhangke as the executive producer, and starring Wang, Baoqiang and Tan Zhuo, the film explores how a wandering commoner deals with the changes in his village.

The film has received multiple awards at various international film festivals, by virtue of its style black humor and fantastic plot. After its screening by the media, the film also received high praise from on site journalists, movie critics and audiences.

One of the topics of the movie that draws the most attention from the audience lies in its narrative style changing from realistic to fantastic. In regards to the topic, Han Jie revealed at the set that "the fantastically realistic style may better interpret the feeling of absurdity in this modern world. The lead actor actually represents a symbol of black humor who wanders between city and country."

In September, Wang Baoqiang received the Best Actor Award at the Vladivostok International Film Festival held in Russia. The director and leading actress also said that Wang's performance in the film is beyond praise.

The film will hit the national screen on November 4.

By Zhang Ting

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