Zhang Weiping on the Promotional Tactics of "The Flowers of War"

2011-10-24 15:06:27        Chinese Films

Zhang Weiping accepted an interview. [sina.com]

Tactic Three: Hunger Marketing Strategy

Reporter: It's common to play tricks when promoting a movie. All the media waited to see the promotional screening of "The Flowers of War," but you kept a low key approach and made them miss the screening. Why did you do that? Are you adopting a 'hunger' marketing strategy?

Zhang: In one word, I don't need commercial exploitation this time. I created a film marketing strategy in China when we promoted "Hero." Now, ten years later, all the tricks have already been played. I need to find a new tactic—to do exactly the opposite of other film companies. I will talk no more; I will have no more interviews. I will let the fans and the netizens talk for me. Keeping silent is the best way to promote the movie. Also, I never intend to keep the media hungry. I just don't want them to eat too much and throw up.

Tactic Four: A 600 million RMB mortgage

Reporter: You have cooperated with Zhang Yimou for so many years, but you've made history by investing 600 million RMB (about $ 95 m) into the movie. How do you feel about this pressure?

Zhang: I have mortgaged all my properties. I told my wife that if the movie failed we will have to move into a cottage. You can't imagine what I have been through. Low-budget films can't compete with Hollywood. That is undisputed. But ten years ago, our film, "Hero," successfully beat Hollywood films. I hope we can do that again.

Reporter: What about the box office result of the movie?

Zhang: I think 1 billion RMB in domestic box office revenue is guaranteed.

Tactic Five: Let the cinemas beg us to screen the movie

Reporter: We all know the box office result has a lot to do with the screening schedule. How many theaters have you talked to?

Zhang: I don't agree with that. How the theaters plan their screening schedule depends on the quality of the movie. In the past, we had to beg the theaters to play our films. But this is a different time now. I will let them beg me to screen the movie because I can guarantee that their screening rooms will be crowded when "The Flowers of War" is played.

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