Fan Bingbing: the Most Gorgeous Judge

2011-10-24 11:21:25        Chinese Films

Fan Bingbing attended the press conference with the judging panel. [Photo:]

The beautiful Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was praised as the most gorgeous judge at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival after she made her appearance with the judging panel yesterday at the press conference.

Regarded as the best actress of last year's festival, Fan took audiences' breath away when she stepped onto the green carpet of the opening ceremony on October 22. The chairman of the judging panel, Edward R. Pressman, told the media after the green carpet that, "I think she is not only the most beautiful actress at the festival, but also the most beautiful judge."

High expectation had been put on her shoulders after the news came that Fan would join the judging panel of the Tokyo Int'l Film Festival. Some reporters had said this will be a magnificent transition for Fan – to reach a high position in film industry rather than just being a performer.

When asked about whether she will have a preference for Chinese film nominees, Fan answered frankly that she will be very conscientious in performing her duty as a judge although emotionally, she can't stop her love for Chinese films.

Three other members of the panel include Kees Kasander, Masahiro Kobayashi and Reiko Kruk.

By Chen Nan

Fan Bingbing attended the press conference with the judging panel. [Photo:]

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