Home-grown Parkour Film on the Way

2011-10-21 14:28:41        Chinese Films

China's first 3D parkour film "Speed Pioneer" will be released in November. [Photo: baidu]

The French sport of Parkour can be an intimidating one for the uninitiated - the extreme sport involves running at top speed, while finding ways to traverse any obstacles in your path in the shortest possible times. Walls, trees, stairs, footpaths, rails - these are the hurdles that they must leap, climb or run past.

Audiences can expect to see this sport on the silver screen as the first Chinese-directed 3D extreme sport film, 'Speed Pioneer 3D,' is slated for release in November.

Directed by up-and-coming Hong Kong director Francis Lam, the movie brings 3D filming technology and the parkour game together for the very first time. The production company hopes to offer an audio-visual feast to moviegoers when it is screened.

The movie features Prince, the member of the popular Taiwanese idol group, and Takahir Miura, the son of the famous Japanese acting couple Tomokazu Miura and Momoe Yamaguchi, as the two lead characters. The two of them fight for the same girl via a parkour competition.

By Chen Nan

A still photo of the movie. [Photo: mtime.com]

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