"The Glory Days" Starts Filming

2011-10-19 10:02:35        Chinese Films

The cast appeared at the launch ceremony of the film,  "The Glory Days" [Photo: sina.com.cn]

The makers of Chinese action movie blockbuster "The Glory Days" held their launch ceremony in Beijing yesterday. Director Eric Tsang and Xiong Xinxin, accompanied by the six lead actors including Wong Felix, Mok Siu-chung, Chan Kwok-pong, turned out for the event, according to a report from sina.com.cn.

Set in the last years of Qing dynasty, the movie tells the tale of a court that is facing domestic strife and foreign aggression. In order to suppress the rebellion, a ton of gold is raised by the local government to purchase military supplies. Unexpectedly, the gold is stolen, so the court dispatches military forces to investigate. Thus two factions are formed, which are set to inevitably clash.

The action choreography in the film tends towards swift, ferocious combat. Reportedly, the cast will move the shooting location to Yunnan province after the launch ceremony in Gansu province. The investment in the film is believed to be around 80 million Yuan.

Celebrated Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang revealed that the film gathered actors from 1970 to 1980, who have all been well-received and missed by audiences, in the hopes of reproducing the brilliance of earlier action films.

The film is slated to hit screens in 2012.

By Zhang Ting

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