Chen Kaige Takes on Online 'Human Flesh Searches'

2011-10-19 10:16:17        Chinese Films

(L-R) Mark Chao, Chen Ran, Wang Luodan, Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Kaigai, Chen Hong, Wang Xue Qi and Yao Chen at the press conference. [Photo:]

Famous for his historical films, prestigious Chinese director Chen Kaige is shifting his focus to realistic aspects of life for his new project.

Set in the Spring and Autumn Period, his last historical blockbuster, "Sacrifice," successfully ended its screening period with a box office revenue of nearly 200 million RMB (about $31.4m). And now Chen is going to 'Have intensive contact with the reality,' as he described it yesterday, at the press conference of his new movie, "Searching," in Ningbo, the capital of Zhejiang province.

The full list of cast members was unveiled at the press conference as they made their appearance together for the very first time. Gao Yuanyuan, Yao Chen, Mark Chao, Wang Xueqi, Chen Hong, Wang Luodan and Chen Ran will portray the main characters in the movie.

Chen said at the press conference that the reason for him to choose this subject was because there are few movie projects in China that focus on the problems that are accompanying the development of modern Chinese society. "To film a story of 2000 years ago is very easy, but to put our daily life into the silver screen is very difficult. It feels like I'm skating on the thin ice," He said.

Based on the popular online novel, "Please Forgive Me," the movie revolves around the problems that caused by human flesh searching of the Internet. It will finish its shooting schedule within three months in Ningbo and is slated for release in 2012.

By Chen Nan

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