A Glimpse of Fan Bingbing's New Project

2011-10-18 10:47:37        Chinese Films

Fan Bingbing in 'Double Exposure' [Photo: xinhuanet.com]

A rare still photo featuring the award-winning actress Fan Bingbing has just been unveiled and the picture reveals a small piece of her latest project, "Double Exposure."

To maintain a low key campaign, director Li Yu has kept the story secret since the movie started shooting.

Standing in the rain in a gauzy long skit at midnight, during the late autumn period in Beijing, the picture shows some of the dramatic personality of the character that Fan portrays.

Joining hands for a third time, director Li Yu has revealed in a previous interview that this movie has been designed specifically for Fan Bingbing. She promised that Fan will be satisfied and enjoy the challenges of the character.

After finishing their shooting schedule in Beijing, the production team will movie their location to Sinkiang and Qinhuangdao.

By Chen Nan

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