"Legendary Amazons" to Set Release Date

2011-10-12 12:02:51        Chinese Films

The poster of the film "Legendary Amazons" [Photo: Mtime.com]

The production company responsible for the war epic "Legendary Amazons" has set the film's release date for November 18, during the New Year holiday slot, according to a report from website Mtime.com.

Ten years in the making, director Frankie Chan's blockbuster has attracted a host of heavyweight names including Cecilia Cheung, Liu Xiaoqing and Cheng Peipei.

Reportedly, actress Cecilia Cheung is said to be very cooperative this time round, and is expected to make her appearance at the premier ceremony of the film.

Adapted from the folk legend of the twelve widows from the Yang family, who embarked on a punishing expedition to resist West Xia's invasion, 50 million yuan was spent on constructing Asia's largest film studio in an effort to recreate the ancient battle field. The master of kung fu megastar Jet Li, master Wu Bin served as martial arts choreographer for the film's action scenes.

As for Cheung's portrayal of Mu Guiying, director Chan said "Cecelia's personality is close to that of Mu. They're both very strong, and as a mother, she can depict the deep love a mother displays to a son; which is an important aspect that the film tries to deliver".

By Liu Shuai

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