'Starry Starry Night' Unprecedented "gentle" Film, HY Bros Claim

2011-09-22 10:57:07        Global Times

 Xu Jiao (left) and Lin Hui-min in Starry Starry Night [Photo: globaltimes.cn]

In competition for this year's Pusan International Film Festival, Starry Starry Night recently unveiled its trailer.

Adapted from well-known Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy's illustrations of the same title, Starry Starry Night tells of a 13-year-old girl's beauty and inner pain, through her daily adventures. The film, shot mainly in Taiwan with post-production in Beijing, is being called a proper Taiwan-mainland co-production for its mixed casting, production team and investors. 

The film is directed by Tom Lin (Winds of September 2005) and sees 14-year-old mainland actress Xu Jiao (CJ 7, 2005) play the female lead and Taiwan's Lin Hui-min the male. "We filmed in many locations less popular for filmmaking. We wanted to show a unique side and were careful and strict about every frame and lighting. We wanted perfection," said Lin.

Famed actress Rene Liu took a cameo role but admits she is only on board because of Lin. "I remember seeing Winds of September years ago. I cried because I found hope for Taiwanese cinema in Lin. I told myself I will work with him on his next film," said Liu.

Mainland company Huayi Brothers is the film's distributor. "Starry Starry Night is a beautiful film. For Huayi Bros, it is not big-budget and few people will care about an artistic film when the market is so full of commercial ones, yet we care about it as much as the rest of our blockbusters," said a heartfelt CEO Wang Zhonglei. 

"In many aspects, it is new blood in Chinese cinema, very soft and gentle, a kind of film never seen in mainland cinema before."

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