Chen Kaige's New Film Cast Confirmed

2011-08-23 10:15:40        Chinese Films

Mark Chao was spotted having a meeting with Chen Kaige and Gao Yuanyuan. [Photo:]

Taiwan-born actor Mark Chao is set to join the cast of Chen Kaige's new film, after being spotted having a meeting with the director and the female lead of the movie, Gao Yuanyuan, last weekend in Beijing, reports.

The production company recently confirmed that the working title of Chen's new project is 'Sou Suo' ('Searching'). Four more actors are expected to join the cast following the arrival of Gao and Chao.

Set in a modern metropolis, the movie revolves around the realistic themes of inner-city life. This will be the first time since his 2002 production of 'Together' that Chen Kaige will create a true-to-life movie, focusing on the realistic aspects of life.

Mark Chao made a name for himself in his performance in Doze Niu's 2009 gangster blockbuster 'Monga'. He will be the first Taiwanese actor to perform in a Chen Kaige movie.

Shooting for 'Sou Suo' is scheduled to begin this coming October in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.

By Chen Nan

Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan were confirmed to join the cast of Chen's new movie. [Photo:]

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