Sun Yat-sen Biopic to Be Released in October

2011-08-10 12:37:48        Chinese Films

(From left to right) Tian Liang, Qiu Xinzhi, Wang Caihou, Nie Mei, Han Gen meet the press at the location of the set in Tianjin city on August 9. [Photo:]

A Sun Yat-sen biopic film "Sun Yat-Sen, Father of the Nation" ("Guo Fu Sun Zhong Shan") is due to hit cinemas this October.

Yesterday, the cast and crew of the film met with press at the location of the set in Tianjin city, reports.

In tribute of the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, the film recounts the historical events that faced Sun from 1912, when he became the provisional President of the Republic of China, through to his death in 1925.

"The film is not the typical kind of traditional historical film which eulogizes a leader." Director Wang Caitao told the media. According to Wang, the film is novel in its approach, and 70 percent of filming focused upon the romance between Sun Yat-Sen and his wife Soong Ching-ling.

Taiwan actor Qiu Xinzhi takes on the role of Sun, while starlet Nie Mei portrays his wife Soong.

Han Geng and diver-turned-actor Tian Liang also star among the cast.

Considered to be one of modern China's greatest leaders, Sun is frequently referred to as the "Father of the Nation".

By Wang Yizhu


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