Director Shang Jing's New Project Underway

2011-08-09 10:43:55        Chinese Films

Director Shang Jing (L) and comedian Fan Wei at the shooting site [Photo:]

Shang Jing, director of the successful 2006 TV comedy series "My Own Swordsman" has officially announced that his new project titled "Crazy Dinner Engagement"('Fan Ju Ye Feng Kuang') is in intense shooting stages, reports.

Previously, Shang had kept the project under wraps and was unwilling to reveal specific details regarding plot or cast.

According to a microblog message posted by Shang on July 22, the film tells the story of what happens during a 12-hour period revolving around a dinner engagement.

According to the production company, a group of A-list comedians have come together for the film, including Huang Bo, Fan Wei, Liu Hua, Liu Yajin and Liang Guanhua. Yan Ni, the leading actress in "My Own Swordsman", is also expected to be involved in the movie.

Director Shang gave his view on the film's subject matter: "Everybody will be involved in different dinner engagements. The importance of the story lies in the 'engagement' rather than in the 'dinner.' So many secretive things exist in a dinner engagement. It's a cultural feature. It's a phenomenon."

The film is expected to be released during the New Year holiday slot.

By Liu Shuai

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