"Bait 3-D" Opens its Set to Media

2011-08-04 14:31:22        Chinese Films

Director Kimble Rendall (L2) and lead actors Ashton Chen (center), Chang Long (L1), Zhao Xin (R2) , Yi Han (R1) posed for a media photo session at the shooting location. [Photo: chinesefilms.cn]

The first Sino-Australian co-produced 3-D disaster movie "Bait" ("Da Hai Xiao Sha Kou Tao Sheng") opened its set to the media in Beijing recently.

Director Kimble Rendall, photographer Ross Emery and lead actors Ashton Chen, Chang Long, Du Shiwu, Zhao Xin and Yi Han posed for a media photo session at the shooting location.

Chen, who plays a member of the China International Search & Rescue Team (CISAR), displays impressive kung-fu skills in the movie and is appreciated by the director a lot. Rendall even revealed that Chen and Australian actress Shari Vinson will play the protagonists in his next project.

"Bait 3D" revolves around a tsunami that occurs off the Gold Coast of Australia and brings with it a school of bloodthirsty sharks. 

It is slated for release in 2012.

By Chen Nan

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