Yang Mi to Star in Four Tailor-made Films

2011-08-02 11:25:24        Chinese Films

Yang Mi at the press conference held on August 1 in Beijing [Photo: M1905.com]

Chinese actress Yang Mi is set to star in four films tailor-made just for her; the announcement of which came at a press conference held by Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd. yesterday in Beijing.

The press conference was also intended to celebrate the box office success of Yang's latest thriller "Mysterious Island", M1905.com reports.

With a budget of 5 million yuan (US dollars 777,000), "Mysterious Island" recouped around 17 times its original investment. According to the production company, the film's success at the box office is greatly attributed to Yang's fans.

Capitalizing on Yang's mass popularity, Mei Ah plans to invest more than 300 million yuan (US dollars 46.62 million) in the four upcoming films starring Yang, which comprise of "Great Wudang", "Chinese Princess Turandot", "Windseeker", and "Butterfly Cemetery".

In the action flick "Great Wudang," Yang plays the role of a thief who possesses incredible kung-fu skills. The film will be shot on China's Wudang Mountain, and Corey Yuen will serve as the action choreographer for the film. Playing a rather different role in the film "Butterfly Cemetery", adapted from Cai Jun's novel of the same title, Yang portrays a college student who encounters danger at every turn as she explores the butterfly cemetery.

In another adaptation, this time from the opera "Turandot", "Chinese Princess Turandot" features Yang embracing not one, but two roles: the princess and the slave. However, details on the fourth film, "Windseeker", are a little less clear. Set to be directed by Alan Mak, and starring Tony Leung Chi-Wai, filming is set to begin in October, though Yang's role in the film is still being kept under wraps.

By Wang Yizhu

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