Theme Song of Wong Jing's New Film Released

2011-07-28 09:21:31        Chinese Films

Singer Zhang Liangying sung  the theme song "Flavor of True Love" ("Zhen Ai De Wei Dao").  [Photo:]

Director Wong Jing (R-1) along with child stars Lin Miaoke (M), Zhang Keyuan , composer Jin Peiyan (L-1)and singer Zhang Lingying (L-2)attended the press conference. [Photo:]

The producers of the comedy film "Treasure  Hunt" yesterday released the movie's theme song and four posters featuring the four families in the flick.

Director Wong Jing and the film's two child leads, Lin Miaoke and Zhang Keyuan, attended the press conference in Beijing where singer Zhang Liangying sung the theme song "Flavor of True Love" ("Zhen Ai De Wei Dao").

"It is about mother's love for their children," Zhang said about the song. "When I sing this song, I think about my mom. In daily life, I rarely express my gratitude to her. The theme song 'Treasure Hunt' provides the opportunity for me to do so. "

Wong praised Zhang's singing and said it would help the film earn a great amount of revenue.

Other cast members, including Cecilia Cheung, Ronald Cheng and Shao Bing, could not attend the event because of conflicting work schedules.

The movie's release is scheduled for August 19. It is expected to attract both young and old during the summer holidays.

By Liu Shuai

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