"Treasure Inn" Topples Box Office Chart on Opening Day

2011-06-30 14:13:39        Chinese Films

A poster of the Kung Fu comedy "Treasure Inn" [Photo: mtime.com]

The opening day of the Kung Fu comedy "Treasure Inn,"on June 28 saw the flick garnering more than $ 1.5 million in ticket sales, taking first place in the day's box office chart, entertainment website Mtimes reported.

Director-screenwriter Wang Jing and action director Yuan Kui joined hands once again for the film.

The heart-throbbing cast had attracted many big cinemas' attention before it was screened.

The cast members include A-list stars such as Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Charlene Choi and Huang Yi.

"The theaters all support the project. "Treasure Inn" not only absorbs the most popular stars, but also more importantly it is kind of film which makes movie-goers feel relaxed with Wang's typical humorous style," the distribution manager Zhang Hao from Bona Film Group Limited was quoted as saying. "It is the right type of film fitting nicely into the summer holiday slot. It will perform well in the box office chart."

One viewer wrote on his microblogging after watching the film, "It is so funny. Director Wang really has talent. I strongly recommend everybody watch this film. "

By Liu Shuai

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