Incest-themed 'Love' to Film Next Month

2011-06-30 08:41:41        Global Times

Actress Hsu Chi [Photo:]

Flush from the Taiwanese box-office success of "Monga," director Niu Chen-Zer has announced that filming on his next project, "Love," will begin next month.

Budgeted at 40 million yuan ($6.19 million)and featuring Monga stars Juan Ching-Tien and Chao Yu-t'ing and newcomers Hsu Chi and Zhao Wei, "Love" tackles the controversial subject of incest, with both Hsu and Juan and Zhao and Chao playing romantic couples in the high-profile film.

Zhao's role was originally pitched to Zhou Xun, who refused to take on the character after finding the part "not challenging" enough. New mother Zhao, on the other hand, said she's eager to get under the skin of the "difficult" character.

In addition, Hsu said she's wanted to work with Juan ever since his appearance in the TV series "Fated to Love You" and "Defeated Queen," and that she signed on to Love without reading the script.

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