Jordan Chan Finishes his Work for "White Vengeance"

2011-06-29 10:33:23        Chinese Films

Jordan Chan says goodbye to the director on the set of "White Vengeance" [Photo:]

Actor Jordan Chan recently finished shooting his scenes in the latest historical epic film "White Vengeance", according to a Xinhua report.

After three months of intense filming schedules, the shooting of Daniel Lee's new film is coming to an end.

The last scenes to be shot will involve Chan's character, the valiant general Fan Kuai, protecting Liu Bang (portrayed by Leon Lai Being) fighting his way out of the siege of Xiang Yu (portrayed by Feng ShaoFeng).

Chan shared the news on his Weibo feed, and said he was thankful for having a great director and colleagues on the production team.

The film tells the tale of the banquet of Hongmen, a well-known event in 206 B.C. where warring general Xiang Yu was motivated to assassinate his rival Liu Bang. Jordan Chan plays the valiant general Fan Kuai who saves Liu Bang at the banquet.

The movie is expected to wrap up production in early July. It will kick off competition between the new films being launched over the end-of-year period, with a release date in November.

By Chen Nan

Jordan Chan says goodbye to the director on the set of "White Vengeance" [Photo:]

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