Actor Chan Gets a Museum in Shanghai

2011-06-29 09:31:24

File photo of Jackie Chan [Photo:]

The Jackie Chan Museum, displaying the accomplishments of the renowned movie star, along with nine other arts and culture museums, is expected to receive visitors later this year.

The construction of the Jackie Chan Museum - the only one named after the Hong Kong cinema icon worldwide - has been completed but the interior decoration has yet to be finished, local authorities said yesterday.

All the museums, part of a culture tourism project, are housed along Suzhou Creek and are the highlights of the Changfeng Ecological Business Park in Putuo District.

People will see displays of Chan's acting accomplishments and charity activities. A large number of costumes, props and photographs will be exhibited at the museum.

Lu Huan, an official with the Putuo District government, told Shanghai Daily yesterday that some museums of the tourism project, such as the Changfeng Yacht Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Trademark and Logo Museum and Shanghai Textile Museum, are already open on a trial run, with free entry.

The Jackie Chan Museum comprises three buildings standing at the intersection of the Daduhe Road and Yuanling Road E.

In addition to the facility, museums featuring home appliances, cartoons, and paintings and calligraphy works are also under construction.

Along Suzhou Creek, people can visit various museums and cultural creativity projects lined along the 2.7-kilometer section.

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