"Heroes of Nanking" Fixes Overseas Sales Company

2011-05-16 15:44:14        Chinese Films

Producer Zhang Weiping [Photo: QQ.com]

American-based FilmNation Entertainment has snapped up the international rights to Director Zhang Yimou's war epic film "Heroes of Nanking" at the Cannes Film Festival.

The company will handle international rights to the film in most countries, excluding North America and specific Asian countries.

FilmNation had handled international sales of the Oscar-winning British period drama "The King's Speech."

"The strengths FilmNation showed during the handling of 'The King's Speech' impressed us greatly," Zhang Weiping, producer of "Heroes of Nanking" told the media at Cannes. "In addition, the company can employ different distribution strategies in different countries. In some countries, it will adopt the way of box office revenue sharing, while in other countries, it will sell the rights outright."

Oscar-winning British actor Christian Bale takes on an important role in "Heroes of Nanking."

Shooting is scheduled to wrap in mid-June. The film's global premiere is scheduled for December 16.

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