Ning Hao's New Film to Begin Shooting

2011-05-11 13:28:57        Chinese Films

Director Ning Hao at the kick-off ceremony for his new film "A Pending Case of Gold" (Huang Jin Mi'an)  [Photo:xinhua]

The kick-off ceremony for director Ning Hao's new film, "A Pending Case of Gold" (Huang Jin Mi'an) was held in Shanghai yesterday, reports.

Director Ning Hao, executive producer Zhang Yibai and a group of actors attended the ceremony.

Set in the 1930s-era, the film centers on a nobody growing into a hero. The new film will continue Ning's black comedy style.

"I like the story. It is a legend yet a comedy, "Ning said. "Compared to my previous works 'Crazy Stone' and 'Crazy Racer,' the new film is not as 'crazy' as them."

Ning continues to say "The film is not just about making audiences laugh. I want them to think when watching the film."

Leads of the film haven't been announced yet.

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