Movie Made Depicting Wenchuan Earthquake

2011-05-10 10:15:53        Chinese Films

Cast members of "72 Hours." [Photo:]

The movie "72 Hours" will hit national screens on the third anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, reports.

The production team held a news conference yesterday with the attendance of the director Qiao Xiaohong and main cast members Ma Yue, Liu Lin, Zhang Ying and Zhan Huiming.

As the third anniversary of the massive earthquake, director Qian Xiaohong told the media the film is not only a memorial to the disaster, but also a reflection of the responsibility and obligations of doctors.

"72 Hours" revolves around a couple of doctors who were in a dilemma when facing the biggest disaster.

It was shot in Qiang Dao and Wenchuan. Hundreds of policemen, firefighters, medical personnel and local residents participated in the filming for free.

The film was slated for release on May 12.

By Chen Nan

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