Aaron Kwok Premieres "The Detective 2" in Hong Kong

2011-05-06 14:38:04        Chinese Films

Aaron Kwok premiered his new film "The Detective 2" in  Hong Kong on Wednesday. [Photo: QQ.com]

Award-winning actor Aaron Kwok has finally premiered his new film "The Detective 2" in his hometown - Hong Kong on Wednesday.

The movie sees Kwok revisit his role in the 2007 original as a goofy, untalented but super-eager Thai-Chinese private investigator.

Kwok says the character has put his acting chops to good use.

"It is very different from the other detective roles I have taken in other films. He is the small-timer of small-timers. He is someone you can see among your neighbors. He is not a hero, but he is determined to find the truth. He is also very curious. A funny guy. There are many layers to this character."

Besides "The Detective 2", Kwok has another film that comes out this month. In "Till Death Do Us Part", he plays a Chinese villager who falls in love with an ostracized AIDS patient portrayed by mainland star Zhang Ziyi.

Oxide Pang, director of "The Detective 2", says playing two vastly different characters in two closely-timed releases is a testimony to Kwok's versatility.

"I think everyone has seen his evolution and hard work in the past five years, it's a very big change in his career. With two films being released in May, it will show to audiences that Kwok as an actor can handle two contrasting roles at the same time. If both films receive good reviews, it will be a big boost for his career."

Kwok first made a name for himself as a pop singer and dancer in the 1990s. He says movies are his priority now but he still constantly tours as a singer. He will kick off a new concert series in Hong Kong at the end of the year.

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