"Love On Credit" to Explore Female Happiness

2011-04-29 10:26:57        Global Times

Leading actress Lin Chiling. [Photo: CFP]

High-profile new romance flick Xingfu E'du (Love On Credit), directed by upcoming young Taiwanese director Leste Chen and starring an A-list cast including Taiwanese model-turned-actress Lin Chiling, Chen Kun and Liao Fan, held a kick-off press conference Wednesday in Beijing.

The film's plotline sees Lin's character feigning wealth by living off credit cards en route to fulfilling her dream of marrying a rich husband.

"It seems like many modern women are living this style of enjoy life first and pay the bill later," Leste Chen said during the press conference.

"I want the film to explore what happiness means for women, and the differences between modern and traditional Chinese women."

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