Cecilia Cheung, Xiao Shenyang to Play Wife and Husband

2011-04-28 14:33:49        Chinese Films

Cecilia Cheung in the film, "The Lion Roars" [Photo: Sina.com]

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung and Mainland comedian Xiao Shenyang will play wife and husband in director Joe Ma 's upcoming costume drama, "The Lion Roars 2, " ("He Dong Shi Hou 2")Beijing Times reports today.

In the film, Xiao Shenyang will take on the role of Zhuge Liang, a famous strategist during the Three Kingdoms period, while Cheung will play his wife, Huang Yueying.

It is reported that the role Cheung takes is similar to the one she portrayed in "The Lion Roars"— both are sassy wives. But in this role she doesn't have appealing looks, because according to folklore, Zhuge Liang married an ugly woman.

"The Lion Roars,"starring Cecilia Cheung and Louis Koo, is a 2002 costume comedy also directed by Joe Ma. It revolves around the love story between a woman with a fiery temper and her henpecked husband.

The new film is expected to begin shooting in July.

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