Poster Out for Thriller "Case Sensitive"

2011-04-19 15:31:25        Chinese Films

Poster of the film, "Case Sensitive" [Photo:]

Thriller "Case Sensitive"("Min Gan Shi Jian") just released its first poster featuring leads Feng Yuanzheng and Ady Ang, reports.

The film is a Sino-American co-production, with American director Gil Kofman taking the helm.

It revolves around Luo Xiaoni, played by Ady Ang, a web celebrity who pretends to be kidnapped to gain more exposure.

In the film, Feng Yuanzheng portrays Li Baobao, a struggling poet who is greatly obsessed with Luo. He has a split personality and does some crazy things for his idol.

Feng is known for his portrayal of several psycho roles, such as a psychologically tortured doctor in hit series "Never Talk to Strangers."

Cinema release is set for June 6.

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