Top 10 Outstanding HK Filmmakers

2011-04-18 09:38:03        Chinese Films

As one of the most important awards for Chinese mainland and Hong Kong movies, the Hong Kong Film Awards marks its 30th anniversary this year. Let's look back on the top 10 greatest figures in the Hong Kong movie industry.

Actor Chow Yun-Fat [Photo:]

1. Chow Yun-Fat

Despite not being active for at least 10 of the Hong Kong Film Awards' 30 years, the legendary Chow Yun-Fat still has the most nominations for Best Actor than anyone else, with 14 nominations and three wins:

"Hong Kong 1941," 1985

"Women," 1986

"A Better Tomorrow," 1987 – won

"Prison on Fire," 1988

"An Autumn's Tale," 1988

"City on Fire," 1988 – won

"God of Gamblers," 1990

"All About Ah-Long," 1990 – won

"Once a Thief," 1992

"Treasure Hunt," 1995

"Peace Hotel," 1996

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," 2001

"Curse of the Golden Flower," 2007

"Confucius," 2011


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