Big-budget Picture Starts Secret Filming

2011-04-01 17:40:16        Global Times

A poster of the film, "The Great Magician" [Photo:]

One-hundred-million dollar picture "The Great Magician," directed by Derek Yee and co-produced by Bona Film Group Limited and Emperor Entertainment Group Ltd., commenced filming in secrecy last month, according to inside sources.

The script was adapted from Zhang Haifan's novels of the same title and tells the story of a legendary magician (Tony Leung) in the early years of the Republic of China, who goes to battle against a warlord (Sean Andy) to win back his fiancée (Zhou Xun).

Filmmakers brought in a number of authentic magicians to consult on the eye-popping spectacle, which also makes liberal use of special effects in depicting its sleights of hand. The stunning acrobatic feats described in the novel will also get a thorough airing in visual form when the movie hits big screens on December 22.

The film has already made something of a splash with the debut of its poster during the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival, which featured a stark image of hands in white gloves, instead of the famous faces of the leading roles.

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