Liu Ye Promotes 'He-Man' Premiere

2011-03-24 12:37:37        Chinese Films

 Director Ding Sheng (right) and cast members celebrate the premiere of the film "He-Man" in Beijing on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. The day was the 33rd birthday of lead actor Liu Ye (left). [Photo: CFP]

Chinese actor Liu Ye, who has portrayed a Forrest Gump-like character in the action-crime film "The Underdog Knight" and its sequel, says he'd like to continue the role as long as he can.

The sequel, entitled "He-Man", is slated for release on April 1. Liu said Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at the film's premiere in Beijing, "The character has gained my heart, and I'm looking forward to continuing it in following projects."

Liu's character, named Lao San, is a retired Marine veteran who lives in his world of innocence and optimism due to a brain injury. He assumes the role of a dedicated vigilante and fights people whom he considers bad.

Ding Sheng, the director of the two films, echoed Liu Ye at the premiere, promising that a third installment would come out if Liu has time to act.

"He-Man" features Zhang Zilin, the 2007 Miss World champion, as Lao San's love interest. Actors Vincent Chiao and Yoo Seung-jun are also in the cast.

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