Exclusive Interview with the Director of "The Dragon Pearl"
The first Sino-Australian co-produced film, "The Dragon Pearl", will hit the screen Mar 11. Before it unveiled itself, we interviewed the director, Mario Andreacchio, and got some inside info.
About the Film
Synopsis: 3,000 years ago, the emperor in Northern China took away the dragon pearl from the dragon in order to defend his country from enemies. He promised to return it after he won the war. However, the emperor died in the war with the dragon pearl missing. [More]
About the Director

Mario Andreacchio, born in 1955, is an Australian film producer / director.

He has directed several cinema feature films, including "Napoleon," "Fair Game," and "Paradise Found".

In 1988, he won an International Emmy Award for "Captain Johnno."

About the Cast

Jordan Chan as Wu Dong, protector of the Dragon Temple and the Dragon

Hong Kong actor and musician.

Films starring Jordan Chan include: "Young and Dangerous" series; "Help"; "Fantasia"; "Initial D"; "The Shopaholics"; "Midnight Taxi"; "Once A Gangster"

Wang Ji as Dr. Li, a Chinese archeologist.

Chinese American actress.

Her noticeable works include: "A Native of Beijing in New York"; "Thunderstorm"; "The Karate Kid"; "Sophie's Revenge".

Sam Neill as Chris Chase, a renowned archeologist from Australia.

New Zealand actor.

Films starring Sam Neill include: "Dead Calm'; "The Piano"; "The Hunt for Red October"; "Jurassic Park"; "The Dish"; "Jurassic Park III".