Tao Hong Fulfills Her Promise

2010-04-03 08:59:46        Chinese Films


Actress Tao Hong [Photo: Yxlady.com]

Actress Tao Hong has fulfilled her promise with "Death Dowry", yxlady.com reports

The 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival (BJCSFF) has recently announced its list of nominees. This list not only includes the famous films of 2009 such as "The Founding of A Republic" and "The Message", but also some new films like "Ip Man 2" and "Death Dowry" which haven't premiered officially yet.

Produced by Tao Hong Movie Studio, "Death Dowry" is nominated at the 17th BJCSFF. It tells the story of a poverty-stricken woman who travels to a new place with her mentally retarded son to seek a living. After suffering a number of difficulties, she meets a man who changes her fate. This is the first time actress Tao Hong has played a countryside woman, the first time she has acted in a film with a dialect, and the first time she has acted alongside a mentally retarded child. Despite all these difficult firsts, she tried her best to give a great performance. It is also the first film produced by her own movie studio.

"Death Dowry" was nominated at the Montreal International Film Festival last year and awarded the Best Original Song at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan.

Tao Hong said she would bring her film to the 17th BJCSFF when she appeared last year at the 16th event as a prize-giver. She has now honored her promise to bring "Death Dowry" to the festival. The actress said it is her dream to give something to the college students.

Actress Tao Hong [Photo: Yxlady.com]

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