Tang Yinuo's Performance Wins Praise from Film Industry Professionals

2010-03-30 11:57:34        Chinese Films

Still  of the Film "Mi Cheng." [Photo: Sina.com]

The chairwoman of the Golden Horse Awards yesterday praised mainland actor Tang Yinuo for his portrayal of a peasant in the new film "Mi Cheng" at the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival(HKIFF), Sina.com reports.

Peggy Chiao along with other film industry professionals and moviegoers praised Tang's role even though the actor was absent from the horror and mystery film's premiere in Hong Kong.

"Mi Cheng" ("Distant Thunder") recently opened in cinemas on the mainland. It is a horror, mystery and love story that uses special filming techniques to tell the uncanny and thrilling story of happiness and sadness among lower class people.

Tang plays a peasant worker named Du Yongqing who has left his hometown for the big city where he makes his own rules for his happiness and survival. Du brings a sharp twist to the film's plot as well as his own inner spirit.

Tang received praise for presenting a very realistic portrayal of Du as a dark-skinned peasant in dirty clothes and with scraggly hair, who has curious expressions in his eyes and careless movements. This is why Chiao, also known as the "Godmother of New Film" in Taiwan, had a great deal of praise for his performance in the movie.

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