2010-03-16 16:21:55        HKIFF

Director: Kenneth Bi/2010/Cantonese/Colour/105mins

Cast: Bonnie Xian, Michelle Wai, Minyi Wang, Derek Tsang, Deep Ng

After the family dramas of Rice Rhapsody and The Drummer, director Kenneth Bi turns his camera on teenage escorts, the latest fashion in the oldest profession aided by the internet. 4-eyes Gucci peddles her virginity for a 2nd-hand bag, Icy does it to support her loser boyfriend, rich girl Ronnie is just bored, and Lin the happy hooker falls for one of her johns. Things have a way of going wrong, and they always go wrong. A killer who cuts up girls is on the lose, a perverted cop and a john with AIDS too. But the Girl$ survive; even come out better. No regrets for our youth in these times of high consumer capitalism. Genre materials yet inspired.

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