Fire of Conscience

2010-03-16 15:11:15        HKIFF

Director: Dante Lam /2009/Cantonese/Colour/115mins

Cast: Leon Lai, Richie Jen, Wang Baoqiang

Leon Lai is Man Fong, a street-wise cop of few words who gets things done with his fists. Richie Jen's Inspector Ji is the smart careerist cop in a suit and a fancy car. Both have a fire burning inside: Man Fong for his dead wife, and the Inspector for his wife, a woman with a history. A murder case brings them together, and the inspector's helping hand slowly wins over Man Fong. But when things go seriously wrong with mass destruction weapons from China and lots of dead local cops, Man Fong wonders if he shouldn't have trusted his first instincts about Ji. Dante Lam, Hong Kong's best for action thrillers, serves another ace.

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