National Digital Production Complex of CFGC

2010-02-22 10:23:49        Chinese Films
Located in Beijing and put into use in August 2008, National Digital Production Complex of CFGC (the Complex) is a 540,000m2-site home for motion picture and television production and post production, offering world class facilities and complete range of supporting services. It has 16 sound stages (varying from 800m2 to 5000m2 in size), a costumes & props stock room, a set-design and construction workshop, a digital production studio, a DVD mastering studio, an experimental area for animation industry, exterior sets, hotels and other supporting facilities. All of these may cater to the production of 80 feature films, 300 digital films and 500 episodes of TV dramas each year.

Address: Fengheyiyuan No.10, Fengxiang Hi-tech Area, Yangsong Town of Huairou District, Beijing, 101400, China

Tel: 86-(0)10-6225-4488 Fax: 86-(0)10-6225-0652 Website:

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