China Film Group Corporation

2010-02-21 18:09:44        Chinese Films
China Film Group Corporation (CFGC) was incorporated in 1999 after the amalgamation of China Film Corporation (established in 1951),Beijing Film Studio (established in 1949) and other film institutions. CFGC boasts over 30 feature films, 400 episodes of TV dramas and 100 telecines each year. Its operations encompass motion picture and television creation, production, distribution and exhibition, international co-production, management of cinema circuits, operation of film &TV production complex, digital production, film printing and processing, film import and export, sale and rental of filming equipments, post-movie product development and merchandise, commercials and media operation, real-estate development, property management, etc. By highlighting the production, distribution and exhibition of motion pictures and TV dramas among its multiple operations, CFGC is committed to developing into a flagship film enterprise that sets the standard for excellence in china and stands out in the international market.

Address: No. 25,Xinwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100088, China

Tel: 86-(0)10-6225-4488 FAX: 86-(0)10-6225-0652


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