Walking to School

2010-02-21 15:35:16        Chinese Films

Wawa is a 7-year-old boy of the Lisu ethnicity, who envies his older sister who is able to cross the river using a zip wire to go to school. His mother insists that he cannot use the zip wire until his father returns. However, his father is working away for long periods. Eventually, unable to resist the temptation of the school on the other side, Wawa secretly crosses the river using the zip wire.


His secret is found out by the school's teacher, Miss Nie, after she visits his home to give his sister a pair of red rubber boots. Wawa tells Miss Nie that if she gives the boots to him, he won't cross the river anymore. When she gives him the boots, Wawa promises his mother and sister he won't cross the river using the zip wire again.


Early the next morning when Wawa sees the other children across the river wearing rubber boots, he decides to give them back to his sister. Miss Nie then buys another pair of shoes for Wawa. Tragically, as his sister carries the shoes back across the river, they fall from her bag and she slips into the river attempting to retrieve them and drowns. From then on, Wawa has a deep fear of the zip wire and never dares to use the rope bridge again.


The community then builds a footbridge across the river, and names it "Compassion Bridge". Wawa, for the first time, is finally able to walk to school.


Later, in the early spring sunshine, Wawa sees a vision of his sister and they join hands and cross the bridge together.


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